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1. A global economy should benefit people more than multi-national corporations.
2. Regardless of moral implications, I'll support my country.
3. National pride makes little sense, since one cannot choose one's birthplace.
4. My race is superior to others.
5. The proverb, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." is true.
6. It can be right to use the military in a way inconsistent with international law.
7. Information and entertainment have become too intertwined.
8. Class divisions are more significant than national borders.
9. Keeping inflation down should be a higher priority than keeping unemployment down.
10. Corporations must be regulated to protect the environment, since they won't on their own.
11. Society would do well to follow this ideal: "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need."
12. It is troubling that water, a vital requirement for life, has become a marketed product.
13. Land should not be possessed and traded like a commodity.
14. It is upsetting that some people amass wealth by moving money around, as opposed to by acting in a way that improves society.
15. It is sometimes necessary to restrict foreign trade in order to protect citizens at home.
16. A company has no other responsibility beyond providing its shareholders with profit.
17. Taxes on the wealthy are too high.
18. Better medical care should be available to those who can afford it.
19. Corporations that lie to the public should face punishment from the government.
20. Freer trade leads to a freer society.
21. Abortion should never be legal in cases where the mother's life is not in danger.
22. Authority is there to be challenged.
23. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is a good philosophy.
24. Tax revenue should not fund art or museums that cannot survive on their own revenue.
25. The government should not mandate primary school attendance.
26. All people have rights, but the various races/classes/types of people should keep separate.
27. Spanking is sometimes a necessary method of disciplining children.
28. It's normal for children to keep information from their parents.
29. People who possess marijuana for their own use should not be criminally prosecuted.
30. The main purpose of an educational system is to prepare its students for employment.
31. People with hereditary disabilities should be forbidden from having children.
32. The greatest lesson learned while growing up teaches children to accept punishment.
33. People cannot be considered "savage" or "civilized," just members of different cultures.
34. Persons capable of work who choose not to do so should not expect benefits from welfare or other social programs.
35. It's better to keep busy with uplifting activities instead of dwelling on troubling matters.
36. It's impossible for first-generation immigrants to assimilate fully.
37. All of us benefit every time when a succesful corporation does well.
38. No public money should fund any broadcasting company, no matter how balanced its content.
39. We have given up too much personal liberty in the fight against terrorism.
40. Having a single political party would be better than having multiple parties because we'd be able to avoid the kind of disagreement that currently slows the political process.
41. One does not need to worry about state-sponsored surveillance if one has nothing to hide.
42. The most heinous crimes should sometimes be punishable by death.
43. All members of a civilized society must have superiors to give them commands and subordinates to command in turn.
44. Abstract art—art for art's sake—shouldn't be called "art."
45. Doling out punishment for criminal acts is more important than attempting to rehabilitate the persons who commit them.
46. Some criminals can never be rehabilitated.
47. Authors and artists are less important than entrepreneurs and manufacturers.
48. A mother should always put her home ahead of her career.
49. Less-developed countries are being harmed by corporations that are unfairly exploiting genetic resources of plants found there.
50. Burying the hatchet with "the man" is a clear indicator that a person has "grown up."
51. Astrology accurately describes aspects of life.
52. One cannot have morality without religion.
53. Charity helps the needy better than welfare and other social programs can.
54. Some people are just prone to bad luck.
55. I would like my child to learn religious values at school.
56. Sex is immoral unless the participants are married.
57. Same-sex couples in committed, solid relationships should be allowed to adopt children.
58. It should be legal for adults to view pornography where the participants are consenting adults.
59. What consenting adults do behind the bedroom door is of no concern to the state.
60. Homosexual feelings are never natural.
61. We are too open about sex and sexuality today.